Gaia Asta has a degree in astrology and 30 years of work experience. She is a master spiritual healer, versed in many modalities of traditional medicine. Her teachers come form Peru, from the Shipibo tribe of Indians. She combines her vast knowledge of astrology with experiential shamanic techniques and healing songs, which she uses to heal and teach.

Gaia’s holistic approach to guiding people along the path to personal happiness, with the use of astrology, plant medicines, and sacred songs, helps people discover who they really are and what their life mission is. She enables her clients to heal their relationships, live in harmonious partnerships, create happy families and a happy life. With clear insights, she sees where your future paths are leading and can therefore guide you accordingly.

Gaia Asta is also socially active. She has received an award Apples of Inspiration, an honorary recognition of the President of the Republic of Slovenia, for working with people with Down syndrome.

Her mission is to shine the light of love in all relationships.


Alan Asta is a shaman with a wealth of experience. He has been working with traditional plant medicines since 1996, and has participated in more than 400 holistic medicine ceremonies. He has acquired the knowledge how to work with traditional plant medicines from his teachers Rosalie Salvado from Mexico and master Enrique Flores from Peru, as well as from his rich practical experience spanning almost three decades.

Alan is able to deal with any situation you may encounter in a healing ceremony through his mastery of energy cleansing techniques, such as removing negative energies from the body and aura. He is responsible for your personal safely on your healing path. He will safely guide you through other dimensions of perception, where you will experience mystical healing, rebirth, visions and insights, and make sure to safely bring you back when the healing ceremony is completed.


Luka Lešnik is a shaman, flutist and herbalist. Using shamanic instruments to perform healing songs, he keeps the path open so that you can travel freely through your inner worlds. He has acquired and upgraded his knowledge of the use of healing sounds through his work with the well-known healer and musician Tito La Rosi. He has received knowledge of working with traditional plant medicines from master Enrique Flores and his family. He has been working with plant medicines for the last 7 years.

With deep love and mindfulness, Luka will help you to get through your experience and deep processes to facilitate healing. He is an expert in herbal diets that support your healing processes and integration of acquired insights into your daily routine.