Gaia has been advising us with her astrological guidelines in our business and personal decisions and actions for more than 10 years. I especially value and respect her relationship with each individual client and her awareness of the impact that can be caused by incorrect interpretation – that’s why her astrological interpretations of dynamic aspects are always focused on challenges and lessons and not on problems and black scenarios.

Iza Sia Login, co-founder Outfit7 & Login5

A wonderful team of competent shamans who led me into a world of new knowledge and, above all, self-love. I follow myself, listen to my feelings and make decisions based on that. I sincerely recommend the rituals to all those who want to overcome their fears, live in truth, light and love.

Tanja Skaza, Skaza institute founder

Gaia and her, the safest island to explore yourself and the world. I went through a ritual for the first time in my life and felt the power of the ancient communities for the first time, without Gaia, Alan and Luke I could not have made it through these exciting journeys.

Zvezdana Mlakar
Gaia and her team are like a beacon that points the right direction in a turbulent ocean. Whether it is a personal or business path, their light has always shown me the right path and led me successfully to my goal.
Jan Golja, Yours&Ours

Traveling to the past, to our ancestors and cleaning all the impurities inside us that take away our light and strength in order to live happily here and now, fulfilled and satisfied, was a very special adventure.

Dragica Čarna

The most invaluable thing is that the learning did not end a year ago at the ceremonies themselves, but the lessons learned then have long-term positive consequences even today. And I’m sure I’ll carry them with me for the rest of my life.

Tjaša Kreuzer


Astrology was designed by Gaia to be a tool of change. By learning about the future with the help of music, planets and plants, it helps you live your life according to your wishes, achieve the goals you want and live your mission. As a permanent collaborator, the astrologer advises powerful international companies.


The most important part of healing is healing your ancestral patterns Why is this important? Because the ancestors live in the genes. All their past experiences, good and bad, are written in dark genes — unconsciously. By doing so, they affect your current life and relationships.

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With the help of medicinal plants and astrological advice, we help you rise to the zone of oneness. Together we create sustainable peace and a bright future. Our mission is counseling and healing so that you experience love in all relationships.

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